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GTA VI hacker leaked a video while utilizing a Fire TV Stick in Hotel UK.

Mudassar Hassan



A hacker usually has a tonne of cutting-edge technology in front of them while they sit at a massive desk in movies.
It turns out that all you really need to leak and steal footage from a GTA VI like unreleased game in real life is an Amazon Fire TV stick, a smartphone, a keyboard, and a mouse.
According to BBC News, it is precisely what Lapsus$ hacker Arion Kurtaj did while out on bail for allegedly hacking NVIDIA.

The 18-year-old broke into Rockstar Games, the firm that made GTA VI, even going so far as to identify himself as an “attacker” on the Slack channel of the business. Where did the crime occur? He was put in a UK Travelodge hotel by officials.

Kurtaj was relocated to the hotel after being “doxxed” by hackers, who published extensive information about him and his family online and put his safety at risk. He was prohibited from using the internet while he was there, so he utilized the Fire TV Stick to get around it.

Convicted Guilty

Kurtaj was convicted guilty of hacking Rockstar, Neobank Revolut, and Uber after a seven-week trial, and additional information about his unlawful stunt was made public. In contrast, Kurtaj, a 17-year-old who was also found guilty is still on bond. Due to their autism, the two defendants were declared ineligible to stand trial by psychiatrists. This meant that instead of deciding whether the acts were committed with criminal intent, the jury just considered whether they felt that they had been committed.

Kurtaj and the anonymous 17-year-old are two of seven Lapsus$ members who have been detained in the UK. Lapsus$, referred to in court as a group of “digital bandits,” is thought to be mostly made up of youths from Brazil and the UK. Lapsus$ is also said to have hacked Microsoft, Samsung, and T-Mobile between 2021 and 2022. Although the gang demanded ransoms, it’s not apparent how much money, if any, it made from these exploits.


Exploring the NYT Connections Game: A Fascinating Dive into Word Associations





NYT Connections Game

The New York Times has launched the NYT Connections Game, an engrossing language problem for word aficionados in the information era. The goal of this engaging and participatory game is to have players link phrases that at first glance seem unconnected. We will go into the realm of the NYT Connections Game in this post, looking at its history, rules, and cognitive advantages.

Unveiling the NYT Connections Game

What is the NYT Connections Game?

An online word association game called NYT Connections Game aims to promote linguistic innovation and critical thinking. It has become well-known as a distinctive and captivating brainteaser and is posted on the New York Times website.

How does it work?

Players are shown a grid of words in the game that don’t appear to be connected to one another. Linking these terms together via a series of connections is the goal. A network of linguistic connections is created by the association of each word in the grid with at least one other word on the board. To find these links, players must use their imagination and word knowledge.

The Origin Story

A Brainchild of The New York Times

The New York Times created the NYT Connections Game as part of their mission to provide its readers with interesting and instructive material. It was presented to the public as a means of blending intellectual stimulation with amusement.

Building on Linguistic Theories

The notion of semantic networks, in particular, is one of the language theories that the game is inspired on. It encourages a deeper comprehension of language and cognition by forcing players to consider the connections between words in our brains.

The Benefits of Playing

Cognitive Exercise

Playing the NYT Connections Game is a great way to exercise your brain. It pushes players to increase their vocabulary, establish connections, and exercise critical thought.

Enhancing Word Knowledge

Regularly playing the game may greatly improve your word knowledge. As you learn to make connections between words, your awareness of the finer points of language will increase.

Creativity and Problem-Solving

The game encourages creativity by making players use their imagination. As you look for connections between words that don’t appear to belong together, it also improves your problem-solving abilities.

Tips for Mastering the Game

Expand Your Vocabulary

In the game, having a large vocabulary is a big advantage. Identifying connections is simpler the more terms you know.

Think Laterally

Don’t restrict yourself to simple connections. The connections that force you to think creatively and laterally often make for the most fascinating discussions.

Practice Regularly

It takes practice to become excellent at anything. Your ability to form connections fast will increase if you play the NYT Connections Game on a regular basis.


A special fusion of intellectual challenge and fun is provided by the NYT Connections Game. It is an engaging method to learn about the complex network of language and improve your cognitive functioning. Why not try it and see how successful you are at making the connections?


1. Is the NYT Connections Game free to play?

Yes, accessing and playing the game on The New York Times website is completely free.

2. Can I play the game on my mobile device?

You can play the NYT Connections Game on your tablet or smartphone, yes, it’s mobile-friendly.

3. Are there time limits for solving puzzles?

No, the game has no time constraints, so you may work through the riddles at your own leisure.

4. How often are new puzzles added to the game?

For the purpose of keeping players interested and challenged, The New York Times updates the game often with new problems.

5. Is there a leaderboard to compete with other players?

Although there isn’t a scoreboard for competition in the game, you may still challenge your friends to see who can complete puzzles the quickest.

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How to Play as Soon as Possible in Starfield Early Access?

Mudassar Hassan



The eagerly awaited early access launch of “Starfield,” a space-faring RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, has the gaming community on a high. Because the game offers a vast and immersive planet to explore, players are eager to start playing as soon as possible. In this piece, we’ll go over everything we know about the Starfield early access release date and how you may increase your chances of playing it as soon as possible.

A Glimpse into Starfield:

The Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises are Bethesda’s most well-known new IPs in decades, yet “Starfield” represents a substantial divergence from those series. The game, which takes place in space, gives players the ability to take on the role of a space explorer as they travel across a richly drawn galaxy full of planets, space stations, and cosmic mysteries.

Early Access Release Date:

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Bethesda hadn’t officially announced the early access release date for “Starfield.” However, considering the anticipation and buzz around the game, keep an eye on Bethesda’s official channels for any updates. Follow them on social media, sign up for their emails, and frequently visit their website to be among the first to find out when the early access period begins.

How to Start Playing Early:

There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of playing “Starfield” as soon as it becomes accessible, even though the specifics of how to do so have not yet been made public:

Game makers frequently include early access as a pre-order bonus. Pre-order the Early Access Version. Watch for announcements on pre-orders and any special material that could accompany them.

Subscribe to Premium Services:

Some gaming platforms offer premium subscription services that grant subscribers early access to certain games. If “Starfield” is included in such a service, subscribing might give you a head start.

Participate in Beta Tests: Developers sometimes conduct beta tests before the official release. Joining beta tests not only lets you experience the game early but also provides an opportunity to provide feedback and influence the final product.

Follow Influencers and Streamers: Gaming influencers and streamers often receive early access copies to promote the game. Following them and participating in their giveaways might grant you a chance to get your hands on the game early.

Join Gaming Communities: Engage with online gaming communities and forums where news about early access opportunities often circulates. By being an active member, you might come across insider information or opportunities to access the game early.

Stay Ready to Download: Once the early access release date is announced, make sure your gaming platform (PC, console, etc.) is ready for the download. Clear up space on your device, ensure a stable internet connection, and have any necessary accounts or subscriptions ready.


The allure of exploring the cosmos in “Starfield” has captured the imagination of gamers worldwide. While the exact early access release date remains a mystery, staying vigilant and proactive will increase your chances of playing the game as soon as it becomes available. Keep a close watch on Bethesda’s official announcements, consider pre-ordering, and explore alternative methods like beta tests and influencer interactions. With a bit of luck and preparation, you could be among the first to venture into the universe of “Starfield.”

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